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        • China International Trade Fair...
        China NW Week: rapid evolution is coming to the Chinese industry and to its hygiene market
        In the first working week of October following China's National Day holiday, a trio of events brought people from throughout the global nonwovens supply chain to Shanghai to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the industry and to observe first-hand how fast the Chinese nonwovens marketplace and industry are growing.
        RISI's Asia Pacific Hygiene Products Symposium kicked off what some are calling China Nonwovens Week, bringing nonwovens and tissue industry executives to the Hongta Hotel to hear presentations on topics ranging from the use of adhesives to control odor to new developments in spunbond aimed at a softer fabric for the user.
        CNITA conference. Next, the CINTE Techtextil trade fair for technical textile and nonwoven products drew thousands of visitors and exhibitors to Shanghai's enormous New International Expo Centre. The show was co-organized by China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA), the Sub-Council of Textile Industry (CCPIT) and the Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.
        Finally, occurring in the heart of the trade show, the China International Nonwovens Conference (CINC), organized by CNITA, offered presentations on such topics as the nonwovens market situation in Indonesia, green manufacturing technologies for nonwovens and the global market for health and medical products. Nonwovens Markets editor David Allan delivered a presentation on "Global Market Analysis of Hygienic Products".
        The week's lead-off event, the third in a series organized by Nonwovens Markets publisher RISI Inc., drew over 130 attendees from 76 companies all over the world. The event was supported by the Chinese and US-based nonwovens industry associations, CNITA and INDA, the Berry Plastics Group and WTIN.

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