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        A firm handshake between the Eurasian geotextiles

        The first EurAsian Geotextiles Symposium (EAGS, 2017) was held in Beijing Regent hotel on June 7 ~ 8. It’s a big plan that dates back to two years ago, made by China Industrial Textiles Industry Association (CNITA) and European Nonwovens Association (EDANA). Now, has been strongly supported by 16 international organizations including the International Textile Manufacturers Association (ITMF), International Association of Geosynthetic Materials (IGS), the International Society for Geosynthetic Materials China Committee (CCIGS) . As the first grand gathering, the symposium attracted about 200 attendants from 14 countries and areas. Past President of China National Textile and Apparel Council(CNTAC) Wang tiankai, the party secretary and secretary-general of CNTAC Gao yong, President of CNTAC SunRuiZhe, vice President of CNTAC Xu Yingxin and Duan Xiaoping also attended the meeting.

        Pierre Wiertz, the general manager of EDANA and Li Lingshen, VP of China National Textile and Apparel Council and President of China Nonwovens & Industry Textiles Association,made short welcome speeches as host, respectively. Pierre reviewed the course of the meeting and emphasized the importance of geotextiles. He firmly believes that the symposium will bring new opportunities and new ideas with the Belt and Road initiative, just with the same wishes of President Li, to fully reach consensus and to enhance understanding and cooperation.

        Li Lingshen in his keynote speech “Technology and Application of China Geotextiles” pointed out that industrial textiles has become not only the industry of sustaining economic growth and restructuring, and also a part of the strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries. By 2016, the proportion of fiber processing in the three areas of clothing, home textiles and industrial textiles is 45.57%, 27.68% and 26.75%.China is the largest producer, consumer and trading nation of industrial textiles in the world nowadays. He referred the most important technology innovations and strategic opportunity as well as the goal and the direction of development during 13th Five Year Plan(2016~2020). In front of a variety of new development opportunities, Li Lingshen puts forward four Suggestions of optimizing development environment of industry, increasing the fiscal and taxation financial policy support, treasuring talent cultivation, strengthening the innovation and application expansion. President Li ended his splendid speech with the expectation of “ The mutual cooperation and exchanges between China-EU geotextiles industry will improve rapidly under the principal of  integration, coordination and sharing”.

        Danele cazzuffl, IGS past President, draw a big picture of geotextiles in the geosynthetics world. The whole process including polymer materials, manufacturing process, applications, testing and monitoring all introduced. The example of Bill Young Reservoir project reminds designers to pay more attention to monitoring existing structures.

        Lu zhongmin, Chairman of CTAG/vice president of Shanghai Investigation,Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd, introduced the progress in application of geotextiles to construction works in China.He analyzed the main role of geosynthetics in construction works and gave the main methods of analysis regarding the application of geosynthetics to construction works. The illustration of 13 application cases is the most attractive part, Chenhang Reservoir, Pudong International Airport enclosure project, Three Gorges project as cases of damming of coastal waters, South-to-North Water Diversion project as a case of permanent anti-seepage of dam,sponge city module as a case of underground water storage, Qinghia-Tibet railway as a typical case of blown sand hazard control,etc.

        Parimal Parekh from India, managing director of Terram Geosynthetics, choose a Unique perspective to express his opinions on global trends in geosynthetics markets and industries. The comparison of all parts of the markets showed a bright prospect of geosynthetics application, and APAC is expected to grow the fastest in the next 5 years, among which China may account for 50% of the market share.

        Loeck de Vries from Netherlands,Royal Ten Cate / Chairman of Fiber & Application Committee of ITMF, made his speech of “overview of engineering design and application of geosynthetics”, which gave attendants many new innovative ideas, especially for product designers. Hong Kwan Kim, Director Textile Testing Dept of FITI Testing & Research Institute in Korea, interpreted common used testing standards, such as ISO 12958 and ASTM D 4716 for transmissivity test.

        Zhang Qijun as Deputy Chief Engineer of China Railway 19th Bureau Group Co,. Ltd, Deng Weidong as Chief Expert of China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research and Design Institute Co,. Ltd, Xiao Xinmin as vice president of China Technology Association of Geosynthetics, and Liu Liqi as Chief Engineer of Beijing GeoEnviron Enginering & Technology, Inc,discussed the application of geosynthetics in overseas road construction, highway engineering, civil infrastructure, and environment protection from the perspective of government. A lot of tangible strategies on policy were suggested.

        Doctor Zhao Aigen, Director of Global Drainage and Civil Products of GSE, is very concerned about the leak detection and prevention of geomembrane. He showed many application cases by pictures and vedioes to emphasis the design criteria.

        11 representatives from Germany, France,China, South Korea, Italy will centre on technology research and case studies to open up a heated discussion on the next day.

        The symposium was sponsored by Hongxin New Geo-Material Co,. Ltd, Tiandingfeng Nonwoven Co,. Ltd, Oerlikon Neumag, Taian Road Engireering Materials Co,. Ltd, Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co,. Ltd, which have displayed their products on exhibition stands.

        It can be concluded that goesynthetics has been widely used in various fields for a long time, just as Li Lingshen described ”geosynthetics is a familiar stranger” .The meeting is part of the "One Belt and Road", but it’s more than that. China and the European Union have reached more and more consensus on FTA (free trade agreement). The meeting provides a new and broad platform for the cooperation of all countries. Relying on the platform, the related resources and opportunities of the global can be more optimized configuration, thus drives the development of geosynthetics industry.

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